About Us

Where above average is the norm.

RED Diamond agents are handpicked from the large nationally recognized franchises for their skill and experience. The average agent at RED Diamond Realty has more experience, sells more homes and often those homes more quickly then other real estate brokerages. We are team of 20 plus real estate professionals working in unison to sell your home.

How is that so? Well, the virtual tour and drone shots that we include definitely help. The fact that our agents have decades of experience is important, but not mandatory. State of the art technology combined with experienced agents or, more importantly,"A giver mentality" is the key to our success.

We are a community minded real estate brokerage. 

When your home sells there is something more. 95% of the commissions earned, after expenses, are invested back into hard-hit communities in Northeast Ohio. Think of the impact this has on your community. Instead of the fee charged to sell your home going across the country into national franchise bank accounts, we put everything back into Northeast Ohio.

Did we mention that we are the ONLY real estate brokerage with a 100% satisfaction rating in the Better Business Bureau?

Not only do we offer virtual tours and Drone video to market your home included in our standard commission but we are the only real estate brokerage that lets you change your mind.With a simple email or text you can take your home off of the market no questions asked! RDR has a 100% customer satisfaction policy so that there is no fear of listing with us. We do not demand that your home is locked in with us for six months to a year. In this way we need to constantly keep you impressed with our services because you can discontinue your agreement with us at any time. We are also the only real estate brokerage in Ohio that lets you look into your virtual file so you are informed every step of the way when buying or selling a home with a RED Diamond Realty agent.  We live by our motto. We are there for YOU!

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