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A THANK YOU to our first responders!

REDiamond Realty is made up of agents who are people first. In fact, We have some first responders who work here. 

Before most of us knew what a Carona was we knew that the people who go to work to protect us from accidents, germs, each other and mother nature really do not get paid enough to risk their lives to protect us. 

So we created the Hero program.* RED Diamond Realty will list, market, photo tour, drone tour, show and sell your home with the same high quality service you expect from a professional Real estate agent.

When we sell your home we will charge a fee of just 1% instead of the standard 7% commission**. If you elect to accept an offer from another real estate agent we will charge just 4% total. That means 1% for our services and the standard 3% that goes to a buyers agent. ***

Did I mention the 100% satisfaction clause. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with our services which include but are not limited to: Open houses, Virtual tour, Drone tour, MLS marketing,website marketing, online presence, negotiations and offer and contract preparation and representation till closing. 

* To qualify for this program you must either be one of the following or family of : EMS, Firefighter, Medical professional, Military. Inactive duty and retired do qualify for this program if you can show evidence of employment. 

** While commissions are negotiable 7% is the most common fee charged by RED Diamond Realty and other real estate brokerages to sell a home. 

*** REDiamond does not benefit financially from Affiliated Business arrangements so we may suggest three service providers but you are under no obligation to use any of those services as part of this offer.